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Co-founded in 2013 by friends and longtime design industry stalwarts Tony Mott, Jim McFadden, and Nicholas DiDonato, Crosby Street Studios is a trusted, to-the-trade resource of luxurious custom carpets and textiles. Renowned for an ethos of collaboration and exploration, the firm provides architects, designers, and developers with exclusive access to innovative and time-honored materials, technologies, and artisans from discrete sources around the globe. A let’s-do-it dynamic and full-service research, technical, and creative capabilities allow for the creation of one-of-a-kind dream carpets.

Crosby Street Studios flagship New York showroom and atelier occupy 4,000 sq. ft. on the 13th floor of the New York Design Center. The atelier space showcases an inventory of full-size rugs from the three international boutique firms that Crosby Street Studios represents, of Ariana Rugs Inc., Christopher Farr, and Lapchi as well as a selection of rugs designed by the Crosby Street Studios design team led by Design Director, Liz Guarino.

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The Principals

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Jim McFadden

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Jim McFadden

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Tony Mott

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Tony Mott

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Nicholas Di Donato

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Nicholas Di Donato

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Mott, McFadden, and DiDonato have worked together in for over 18 years. Tony Mott, a leading expert on contemporary one-of-a-kind soft surface flooring, has spent more than 20 years collaborating with architects, designers, and specifiers to realize their visions on projects that include the White House, Getty Museum, and Seagram Building. Mott together with Jim McFadden and Nicholas DiDonato launch the first-ever to the trade showroom offering an in-house experience where artisans and clients could collaborate to create proprietary materials at A.M. Collections. The three partners further honed their business skills during tenures as executives at Tai Ping Carpets. A respected go-to authority, Jim McFadden has more than 15 years of experience in the rug industry. Today McFadden and the Crosby Street Studios team share their expertise, input, curatorial eye, and unparalleled reservoir of resources worldwide with a who’s who list of architects and designers.  Nicholas DiDonato, who takes charge of operations, finance, and a variety of other duties, is a fellow alumnus of Tai Ping and AM Collections. Like Mott and McFadden, he has more than 15 years of experience in the design industry and rug trade, having gotten his start with a four-year tenure at New York-based Carpet Innovations. A long-standing and successful team, the three work side-by-side overseeing the company’s long-term strategic goals – and its day-to-day business.

The principals of Crosby Street Studios all believe that the intersection of where artisan mastery meets artful invention and technical innovation, is the place where contemporary design evolves. Passionate about the culture-spanning traditions of handcrafted floor coverings, the firm seeks out the globe’s finest craftspeople to ply time-honored, handwork techniques—carding, spinning, color matching, dying, knotting, weaving, trimming, and washing—in service of today’s artistic visions.



Crosby Street Studios believes the design process should reflect the same amount of care as the production process. That’s why the touch of the hand begins in the company’s artistic atelier. On its own or in a collaborative effort, the design studio creates the imagery that becomes the art underfoot. Techniques range from the classic to the experimental—from watercolor and gouache to painted plastic printed onto paper; crumpled aluminum foil, translated through photography; painted layers scraped by a fine-toothed comb; or some other spur-of-the-moment adventure in mixed media. The handwork in the design studio is just one touch of a larger, hand-to-hand, collaborative endeavor that involves the technique and artistry of yarn makers, dyers, weavers, and finishers from around the world. A member of Goodweave, the firm is committed to ensuring best practices in the production of every rug it offers.

Detail of the Crosby Street Studios showroom with Bokeh rug from the Through The Lens Collection by SPAN Architecture in the center and a Child’s room rug designed by Anni Albers from Christopher Farr.<br><Br><i>Photography by Eric Laignel.</i>


Our diverse portfolio includes hospitality, retail and commercial projects.


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