Crosby Street Studios is thrilled to introduce a collaboration with Brooklyn-based textile designer William Storms for a new collection of handwoven rugs, William Storms x Crosby Street Studios, that looks at the tradition of American Craft through the lens of a modern eye. 


William Storms is a self-described “mathematically driven craftsman” fortunate to have discovered the loom, whose work is “an ongoing effort to produce three-dimensional work in a traditionally two-dimensional world.” 

Storms work bridges Industrial Design and Art, and he began his weaving career with his bespoke weaving studio in Brooklyn, New York – where he continues to create custom handwoven luxury textiles for interior designers. 

Storms is passionate about combining craft with custom manufacturing in his work and his artist collaborations and experiments with mixing 3D printing with traditional hand-weaving techniques in his collections. 

In his projects “Bullet Rugs” made with artist Raul Martinez and in last year’s New York Textile Month’s exhibition “CONSTRUCTION” with fellow contemporary artist Molly Haynes, Storms’ playful combination of structure and the material provides a rhythmically stimulating landscape for the eye.  

Storm received his BFA from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and was classically trained in the Weaving Arts at ENSCI- Les Ateliers in Paris, as well as with the weavers of Lago Atitlán in Guatemala.

About the William Storms x Crosby Street Studios collection, he states: “It was Crosby Street Studios’ selection of yarn and fiber that made this possible. The materials used in each of the designs amplify the drafts they are woven in, balancing felted wools with finer spun yarns to showcase the natural dimension and collapse of each weave structure.” 

The collection of ten handwoven felted wool and ramie rugs has four designs Bend, Ground, Shift, and Tilt and are available in four colorways, including Cobalt, Coal, Cloud, and Citrine. Each carpet can be custom colored and sized to order.