Tessuto Collection by Sahar Carpets

Tessuto is a new collection of exquisite hand-knotted, 100% Persian wool area rugs from Sahar Carpets

Tessuto, (meaning fabric in Italian) is a collection of exquisite 100% Persian wool rugs from Sahar Carpets that are hand-knotted and then sheared down to a low pile height to resemble fabrics that are stitched together. It is made up of seven different designs that are all available in about 100 different colorways. The rugs have a fine Persian knot construction of hand spun Persian yarn made in house.

The inspiration behind Tessuto was to design a collection that is inspired by Persian antique flat weaves and western textile patterns and that works well in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Sahar Carpets is a global carpet design company that has been manufacturing exceptional quality contemporary carpets since 2000 — originally conceived as a creative point of connection between the tribal artisans of Iran and the vast community of collectors and the rug enthusiasts in Europe and America.

Sahar Carpets has always been a materials-driven production company and utilizes superior hand carded, and hand spun Persian wool, Chinese silk, hand spun recycled Indian Sari silk, and cocoon silk. These materials comprise the essential DNA of the Sahar product offering. The carpet weaving has been moved from Iran to Jaipur India since 2008, and this shift has created opportunities to expand the options for raw materials and also to explore a more detailed and refined design aesthetic.

Sahar Carpets now has offices in Zurich, Switzerland, Providence, Rhode Island, and Los Angles California and a network of galleries and design brands including Crosby Street Studios that represent and distribute Sahar carpets worldwide.