High Luster Textures

This new hand-knotted collection of luxurious textural custom rugs all have an iridescent reflective quality and are made from a variety of high luster materials including Matka silk, Chinese silk, and Lincoln Wool.

In this collection, we wanted to create luxurious textural rugs that have an iridescent quality to them. Using a variety of materials from Matka silk, Chinese silk, and Lincoln wool and a range of hand knotting techniques to achieve high luster rugs in new qualities that perform well and are easy to maintain.

We used different silk materials such Chinese silk, known for its sleek shine and soft hand and Matka silk, or translated from Indian “rough handloom silk fabric” which is a more irregular yarn that reflects light beautifully. Additionally, we wanted to source another natural fiber other than silk that would add some warmth and texture to the rugs and still have the sheen traditionally associated with silk yarns.

We were also interested in finding a yarn that would perform and clean well, and experimented with a few applications and found that Lincoln Wool is the best match with the Chinese silk yarns. Lincoln Wool, or sometimes called Lincoln Longwool comes from a breed of sheep from England. The Lincoln is the largest of British sheep and is developed specifically to produce the heaviest, longest and most luxurious fleece of any kind in the world. Even though the wool from these sheep is somewhat coarse and almost hair-like, it has a considerable luster.

When we combined Lincoln Wool with the Chinese silk in the qualities Branston and Welton we were able to create thick and sumptuous rugs that have a unique sheen with a distinctive, luxurious hand. Branston mixes silk with Lincoln wool and has a dense higher pile while Welton is 100% Lincoln wool woven in a subtle rib pattern.

In the Niya and Miran qualities, we used the more irregular Matka silk yarn in two different ways. Niya is a hand-knotted quality designed with Matka silk woven in a subtle rib pattern, and Miran is a hand-knotted quality using Matka silk woven in both cut and loop piles to create an organic texture. In both of these qualities, you see more of the side of this very soft, irregular silk yarn which accentuates the yarns iridescence and reflective characteristics especially when woven in the vibrant colors of this collection.