Crosby Street Studios introduces IMPULSE, a new collection of six hand-tufted rugs and three coordinating textures designed in collaboration with Gensler, serving as product design consultant.

From the onset, IMPULSE was intended to be flexible. The collection allows the different designs to be value-engineered by changing the color or material to work in different environments while giving clients the ability to layer patterns and textures together.

Working together, Gensler and Crosby Street Studios identified aesthetic trends that evolved into three distinct themes that recur throughout: Tracker (mark-making, spontaneous, prints), Pour (liquid gold, black, luxurious), and Street (collaged, ripped, graffiti).

“We were inspired by Brazilian artist Lygia Pape’s gold woven thread works, and we sought to weave together fleeting qualities of light and shadow to create a series of rug designs that would combine the drama of metals and the organic warmth of woven material” explains Siobhan Barry, Gensler Design Director.

Crosby Street Studios design team created spontaneous artistic experiments in immediate reaction to the design brief’s interpretation, hence the collection name IMPULSE. They used a wide range of mediums, including acrylic paint, tempera powder, ink, tape, metallic papers, and paints, as well as different applied techniques including scraping, pouring, splashing, tearing, and collaging.

Equally crucial to the artistic process was the desire to experiment with a variety of manufacturing techniques and pushing the limits of the artisan tufters in the development of the rug samples. The aim was to elevate the humble, unrefined artworks into rugs that feel luxurious both through the complexity of craftsmanship and the use of luxe and soft fibers.

The fibers in IMPULSE include a mix of wools, luxe nylon, accents of dull and delicate silk, and flax, all suitable for corporate, hospitality, and residential interiors. The color palette is “new neutrals,” It includes sophisticated grays, taupes, teals, olive greens, golds, black and brown.

The hand-tufted rug designs—Tag, Gild, Veil, Tear, Smudge, and Pour—work as artistic centerpieces in various applications, from corporate lobby to luxurious living room, to edgy hotel lounge. The textures group—Mark, Drag, and Track—are offered in three metallic colorways of gold, silver, and copper. All of the designs can be custom colored and sized to order.