Capsule: Retreat

Crosby Street Studios proudly introduces our newest collection of hand woven kilim rugs.

Just in time for easy summer weekend home living Crosby Street Studios introduces the new Capsule Retreat collection of custom Kilim rugs. Each of these rugs is hand-knotted in one of our a Good Weave certified mills in Nepal using a kilim construction of New Zealand wool mixed with natural handspun undyed Tibetan wool and nettle fibers.

The collection includes eight designs which can all be custom sized and colored to order and each pattern is named after small towns along New York’s Hudson River Valley. These rugs were conceived of for budget-friendly decorating and have shorter lead times of eight to ten weeks to produce.

This collection was designed using a classic color palette of cream and blues with natural color accents of Tibetan undyed hand spun wool and nettle fibers with highlights of deep rusty red and golden ochre colors and are equally suitable for a seaside retreat as an upstate New York country house.

The construction of these kilims includes some cut pile details in the borders and a mix of dyed and natural and dyed nettle fibers for a play on texture.



Capsule: Retreat, Crosby Street Studios

From top: Catskill, Ghent, Kingston, Troy, Chatham