Capsule: Lineage

Crosby Street Studios introduces Lineage, the latest capsule collection of eight rug designs made of natural hand-spun fibers inspired by the rich history of African textiles and tribal patterns from all over the continent.

African textiles were traditionally worn as garments during significant change-of-life ceremonies and funerals. Several region-specific handcraft techniques are used to make them, including West African Stripweaving, Tutsi basketry, cut pile, and raffia embroidery, and applique found in Kuba cloths from Central Africa. Stripweaves are textiles woven in narrow widths and then sewn together to create a larger piece of fabric that is sewn into garments.

While all of these rug designs are inspired by African textiles and the techniques, and materials used to make them, each Capsule: Lineage rug is deliberately designed, colored, and rendered in a more modern, natural, and almost primitive way.

All eight designs, Addo, Dorob, Etosha, Karoo, Mago, Meru, Omo, and Ruma, can be custom sized and colored.