Capsule: Elements

Crosby Street Studios introduces the new capsule collection Elements inspired by organic patterns found in nature.

Crosby Street Studios introduces the latest capsule collection, Elements, consisting of ten rugs designs that all reference organic patterns found in nature. Each of the custom rugs is hand-knotted in Nepal with natural fibers of Tibetan wool, sunpat, nettle, and silk.

For this collection, the design team took inspiration from the dramatic beauty of the famous national parks throughout the United States. Each rug is named after a different park, including Arcadia, Denali, Lassen, Pinnacles, Rainier, Zion, Teton, Katmai, Yellowstone, and Sequoia.

Picture the warm tones of the sandstone cliffs in Utah’s Zion National Park or the markings made from the dried crack earth of Wyoming’s Teton National Park, or even the pattern of rice patties carved into the landscape seen from the sky above the Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Elements has a neutral color palette that intentionally uses light ground tones mixed with  accent colors in creamy whites and grays to celebrate the original colors of the fibers.

The textures in the collection are all earthy, simple and yet sophisticated. There are three different constructions, Joshua, an undyed nettle and cream Matka silk cut pile, Yosemite a sunpat and silk loop, and Bryce an undyed nettle cut pile.

Each rug design can be custom colored and sized to order.