Ariana Rugs Inc. Beautiful Hand Woven Rugs from Afghanistan


Crosby Street Studios is proud to represent award-winning Ariana Rugs Inc. from in Los Angeles California and has an inventory of their beautiful hand-knotted rugs made in Afghanistan


We began to create very muted, washed out low-pile rugs – they call it today’s antique, modern antique

Ahmad Ahmadi

Ariana Rugs Inc. was founded in 1990 by the Ahmadi family, (Ahmad, Alex, and Nadia) from Afghanistan and is equally committed to producing beautiful rugs as it is to improving the lives of the women who weave them in Afghanistan and to revitalizing the carpet industry in their homeland.


The founders grew up in the Ahmadi family that has been manufacturing, trading and exporting fine hand-knotted rugs sine the 1920’s and are responsible for initiating carpet manufacturing in the city of Kabul where it created a studio where they produce different types of rugs including Barchi’s and Khotans that are popular with Interior designers.

Unique to Ariana Rugs Inc. is the fact they were the first to make Afghan rugs using 100 percent silk instead of coarser wool which allows them to create handspun rugs in more colors including neutral browns and beiges, and lighter greens and blues instead of the typical reds and blues of traditional Afghan rugs. ”We began to create very muted, washed out low-pile rugs – they call it today’s antique, modern antique” explains Ahmad.

Ariana Rugs Inc. began to work with GoodWeave in 2012 and as Ahmad states” Afghanistan was synonymous with rugs, and its beautiful craft and artwork that has been handed to us. We are responsible for taking it to the next generation.” Crosby Street Studios is also proud to be a member of GoodWeave since 2014 whose mission is to transform the rug industry by certifying child-labor-free rugs and by providing education and opportunities to rescued and at-risk children.