Alpaca Boucle Handmade Rugs

Crosby Street Studios proudly introduces a new collection of custom textural Alpaca Boucle handmade rugs.

Crosby Street Studios’ handmade rugs always start with the yarn. We insist on working directly with the supplier to procure the best fibers to send to local artisans for weaving. This particular fleece is an eco-friendly natural fiber harvested from alpacas.

The Alpaca Boucle rugs are available in a range of over 400 colors and all of the rugs are hand woven by local artisans in the rural Andes Mountains of Peru, who weave on handmade looms preserving the generations-old craft tradition.

Designers and clients alike especially love the many characteristics of the natural alpaca fleece as it is soft as cashmere, warmer than sheep’s wool, hypo-allergenic (alpaca does not contain lanolin) and this fleece is naturally water-repellent and difficult to ignite.

In addition to the textural qualities of these rugs, they are also practical as alpaca is more resistant to dirt than wool. These luxuriously soft and comfortable rugs are also reversible and durable making them perfect for playrooms, family rooms and bedrooms.

Texture and depth best describe these Alpaca Boucle rugs that use a chunkier wool yarn with distinctive loops that create a thick, cushy rug that works well as a neutral base in any room.