Crosby Street Studios is pleased to introduce from VERDI design studio handcrafted, sustainable custom indoor and outdoor rugs, made with natural and metallic fibers, alpaca wool, acrylic, copper, and stainless steel hand-woven in Curití Colombia.

VERDI is a family-owned multi-disciplinary design studio in the Colombian town of Curití Santander,that was founded in 1995 by textile designer Carlos Vera Dieppa. Dieppa invented a unique way of weaving natural fibers with metallic threads into beautiful hand-loomed rugs. After his passing in 2010, his children son Tomás and his daughter Cristina continue to direct the brand with a combination of modern design concepts together with the deeply rooted Colombian traditions of craftsmanship and techniques. Today, the VERDI brand has expanded to offer exceptional, contemporary sustainable beautifully handmade rugs as well as fashion, homewares, and art pieces.

VERDI sources the abundant local natural fique fiber that grows in the leaves of the plant Furcraea Andlina native to the Andean region of Colombia. Each rug is hand-loomed using a variety of materials, including fique, alpaca wool, acrylic, copper, and stainless steel. This same fique yarn was extracted and used in history by Pre Colombians for centuries to make garments, ropes, hammocks, and other articles.

The process by which the fique fiber is extracted first requires the thick plant leaves to be compressed and flattened. The threads are then collected and brushed over thoroughly to both untangle and smooth over the yarn, then dyed with vibrant colored powders in boiling pots. The natural color variation, as well as the ways the dyes are each absorbed at different temperatures, lends to varying intensities of color that are part of the charm of these handmade rugs. The yarns are spun together, creating a strong thread, wound into cones and mounted onto hand looms where they are meticulously woven with a wide variety of materials ranging from alpaca wool to stainless steel.

All VERDI products are made in-house in the VERDI workshop, by 25 master weavers whose expertise is the result of generations of practice. There are three main collections of both indoor and outdoor rugs: Marcorina collection, Heritage collection, and Sui collection.