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We were so excited to collaborate again with SPAN Architecture to create a custom rug for the Bar 54 of their award winning Hyatt Times Square Hotel in New York. We have worked with the principals Karen Stonely, Peter Pelsinski and Jean-Gabriel Neukomm on profile residential and commercial projects as well as their 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse room.

“We did the architecture for the entire project that originally began before 2006 and then was put on hold for two years and then resumed,” said Stonley. The Hyatt Times Square Hotel is a 54 story building in New York’s iconic Times Square made up of a ground floor restaurant, a spa, and gym facility, 540 rooms, and a 3,000 square foot rooftop Bar 54 that has outdoor terrace and sweeping views of the Hudson to East Rivers.

“A theme that we came up early on was we wanted the visitor to have a sense of place to feel that they are in New York. When you enter the bar, you are leaving a hectic environment and ascending into quieter one. Like an oasis. We took inspiration from Times Square with a theme of nature and neon throughout the space,” said Stonley.

Original concept from SPAN Architecture for custom rug for Bar 54  in Hyatt Times Square Hotel

“The ceiling of Bar 54 is laser cut metal in a foliage patterns reflecting lights of Times Square below. We wanted to continue the reflective quality to the rug into that space. We were looking at coloration’s of the lights, riffing the nature and neon theme. We took images of Times Square and then looked closely at the fractal geometries. It is interesting to look at nature heavily rooted in geometric scientific form. We then broke it down into pixels for the design of the rug for Bar 54.”

Artwork for the custom rug for SPAN Architecture. “The rug is made of NUsilk a quality that had both the commercial longevity needed and the luxurious quality of silk to reflect the light. It also has a memory showing the foot traffic of people coming through the space,” Stonley explains.

“The challenge was to create a rug in that looked pixelated. It was different because we had to be able to keep the costs at a certain point so that it worked for the commercial application while still achieving the integrity of the original concept and artwork. We chose to use NUsilk, which is a durable high luster nylon with a look resembling silk that is good for commercial projects. Crosby Street Studios is currently the only company that is hand tufting with it,” said Mott.

“I so enjoy working with Tony and the Crosby Street Studios team as they always see the possibilities as opposed to the impossibilities,” said Stonley.

Factory photo of the custom rug designed by SPAN Architecture for Hyatt Times Square Bar 54


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