Principals - Crosby Street Studios

tony mott 2Tony Mott

Tony Mott is a leading expert on contemporary one-of-a-kind textiles and soft surface flooring. It’s a reputation well earned over the past 15 years in helping architects, designers and specifiers realize their vision by providing exclusive access to the very best in the category. He has an unerring eye for the unique and scouts the globe, unearthing rare resources and distinctive discoveries that become valued treasures for his clients and their design projects.

Mott’s passion for textiles and carpet was fully realized as a co-creator of AM Collections, the first-ever showroom offering an in-house experience where artisans and clients could collaborate to create proprietary materials. It’s where he and Jim McFadden, his Crosby Street Studios co-founder, began their incomparable partnership and became fully immersed in the ethos of the category. The duo additionally honed their business skills during tenures as executives at Tai Ping Carpets of Americas.

Mott’s experience, as well as his personal and pioneering approach to partnerships and design, have led to opportunities working with the globe’s top talents on projects including the White House, Getty Museum and Seagram Building.

Jim-Crosby-StreetJim McFadden

When it comes to carpet and textile design, Jim McFadden is a respected go-to authority.  No wonder, since he’s been fully immersed and a dedicated careerist in the category for more than 15 years.

Prior to partnering with Anthony Mott in 2013 to co-found Crosby Street Studios—New York’s premier source of high-end custom soft surfaces and textiles— McFadden was an executive of Tai Ping Carpets Americas. The duo’s experience there was preceded by a co-venture known as AM Collections. It was a pioneering showroom that provided artisans and clients a unique collaborative experience and space for creating exclusive materials.

A “who’s who” among architects and designers look to and work with McFadden and his Crosby Street Studios team, seeking their input, curatorial eye and unparalleled reservoir of resources for every type of project, whether residential or commercial.

Nicholas Di Donato 

Nicolas Di Donato joined as principal of Crosby Street Studios in December of 2014.TWP_61232B

Di Donato’s core responsibilities at Crosby Street Studios are operations and finance. Di Donato also manages other aspects of the business from overseeing the flagship New York Showroom, working with Design, logistics with the factories, as well as working on forecasting, and strategic initiatives with the other principals Tony Mott and Jim McFadden.

Di Donato, McFadden and Mott have all worked together before for many years both at Tai Ping Carpets America and prior at the custom carpet and textile showroom A.M. Collection in SoHo.

Di Donato has 15 years of experience in the design industry, working in both the wholesale and to the trade carpet and textile design showroom businesses. Before A. M. Collections Di Donato got his small company experience working for four years at New York-based Carpet Innovations a company that supplied commercial grade products for the trade and to carpet wholesalers. There he had the unique opportunity to work directly with the owner and to see how all aspects of the business worked together.

Presently he works side-by-side with principals Tony Mott and Jim Mcfadden in overseeing the long-term strategic goals of the company as well as the day-to-day issues of a young company.