New Heritage Rugs

Our latest offering of rugs has contemporary graphic patterns, and modern color combinations and are made using techniques that come from classic European and Asian hand knotted qualities with an old world look and feel but with a fresh new design take.  The rugs are all made throughout Europe and Asia using different knot constructions in hand-spun wools that are then hand-sheared to give each rug an antique effect.

We especially love using popular colors combinations of blues, grays, and neutrals that compliment many interiors with fine hand-drawn patterns that play up the textural nuances of the quality.

 These classic rugs are in demand from clients who love their rich colors and textures, and now designers can customize one of a kind modern interpretations using these traditional techniques in different patterns, sizes, and colors to create rugs that look like they have been passed down from one generation to the next.



Tony Mott is a leading expert on contemporary one-of-a-kind textiles and soft surface flooring. It’s a reputation well earned over the past 15 years in helping architects, designers and specifiers realize their vision by providing exclusive access to the very best in the category.

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