Crosby Street Studios introduces the TTL Collection by SPAN Architecture


Smoke Halo I,  by SPAN Architecture

Crosby Street Studios is thrilled to introduce the new TTL (Through The Lens) Collection by SPAN Architecture.
Crosby Street Studios has joined forces with award-winning design firm SPAN Architecture to create eight abstract rug designs available in custom colorations. Formed in 2004 by Karen Stonely, Peter Pelsinski, and Jean-Gabriel Neukomm, SPAN Architecture is a New York-based design firm with a multi-discipline practice that includes residential and commercial structures and interiors.

Difraction I, by SPAN Architecture

Diffraction I, by SPAN Architecture

The TTL Collection was born organically out of custom collaborations between Crosby Street Studios and SPAN Architecture for high-profile projects including Gotham West, New York, Ashland project, Brooklyn, and Metropolis in Los Angeles. Both SPAN Architecture and Crosby Street Studios share a fascination with technology and materials and desire to push the envelope of creative innovation in unexpected ways.

Says Jean-Gabriel Neukomm, SPAN Architecture principal, “One of the guidelines for these rugs was seeing how far we could push the technology available to us. We were very interested in seeing how far we could blur abstract patterns, and in what ways.” Neukomm worked closely with Liz Guarino, Crosby Street Studios’ design director, who was instrumental in the process of developing each rug from SPAN Architecture’s initial concept to the collection’s nine finished floor coverings.


Emulsion, by SPAN Architecture

The TTL Collection is hand tufted using Luxe Nylon, a newly created fiber that is intended to replicate the reactive and reflective qualities of natural silk but constructed with better fiber memory and greater wear resistance. These characteristics make Luxe Nylon ideally suited for both residential and commercial interiors. Luxe Nylon yarn is engineered for colorfastness allowing the yarns to be dyed from the lightest white shade to very dark shades. The mixing of the yarns in the TTL Collection creates different qualities of blurred color and strié lines in the pattern like a watercolor effect of colors bleeding into each other.


Bokeh, by SPAN Architecture

“This new yarn fills the need in the marketplace for a fiber that, like wool, is easy to maintain and clean, but that is soft and lustrous with the appeal and look of silk. It is unlike any other fiber that has been introduced in the last 15 years – including viscose, bamboo silk, Tencel, and banana silk” says Crosby Street Studios partner Tony Mott.


Prism, by SPAN Architecture

The eight abstract designs of the TTL Collection are available at Crosby Street Studios and can be customized in a range of colorations, sizes, and shapes.


Spectrum, by SPAN Architecture

Tony Mott is a leading expert on contemporary one-of-a-kind textiles and soft surface flooring. It’s a reputation well earned over the past 15 years in helping architects, designers and specifiers realize their vision by providing exclusive access to the very best in the category.

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