Contemporary Silk Dhurrie Rugs

Silk Dhurries in bold colors and graphic patterns

Custom silk Dhurrie rugs in bold colors and graphic patterns

Just in time for summer beach house decorating is our new series of updated custom silk Dhurrie rugs are available in a range of colors and patterns.

Crosby Street Studios collaborated with some of our favorite artists to make these popular rugs hand-loomed in India for our clients.

Traditional Dhurrie rugs are flat-weave rugs with origins in India that have strong weaves, no pile, and no backing that makes them reversible, easy to care for, and in some cases, even washable. Perfect for highly trafficked areas in busy homes.

Today, Dhurries are favored by designers for both their affordability and the tight, fine weaves that allow for clean, colorful geometric patterns.

They can also made from either cotton, wool or jute, and they are thin like mats. In fact, Dhurries were once used as an under layer in bedding to add comfort and smaller versions were used for meditation.


Custom designer silk Dhurries in a range of neutrals and graphic and floral patterns.'

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